Upgrade Yamaha Byson, bakal pake 6 speed dan oil cooler

Santer beredar di India Sono Yamaha FZ series ( saudara Byson di Indonesia ) sudah memasuki fase upgrade, yuk mari kita simak pernyataan dari media indihe sono. 

You read it first on MotorBeam. Yamaha has started rolling the ball and all it needs is a steep slope and then whatever comes in its way could be tossed away like fragile pins. Sources tell us that Yamaha has started updating all their products and it’s the FZ which has reached the technical upgrade phase. We already told you before that Yamaha is looking in the 150-200cc segment as well. This time it’s not a colour update or a limited edition but it’s a proper update. Oil-cooler, 6-speed gearbox, revised sprockets and valve train timing with new ignition maps will increase power and torque numbers and improve the only weak link of the FZ, which is km/l numbers. All 150cc motorcycles manage to reach 50+ km/l mark and it’s only the FZ that fails to do so.
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yuk mari kita list satu – satu upgrade yang bakal dilakuin

1. 6 speed gearbox
2. Oil Cooler
3. sprocket baru
4.  mapping pengapian baru

Kalo di Indonesia tentunya juga ditambah dengan injeksi, soalnya memang sudah program YIMM untuk menginjeksikan seluruh line up nya, last apakah di Indonesia Byson juga bakal update seperti India ?, awb pun tidak tahu , semoga saja iya jadi di upgrade :D, mengingat pasar sport 150 indonesia lagi booming, apalgi verza juga mulai merongrong hehe, oke cukup sekian artikel kali ini moga berguna bagi kita semua.





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